Top-notch gaming experience for your players


gaming experience

for your players

Entertain the audience with first-class content and thrilling experiences.
Sustainable  revenue stream  for your company


revenue stream for

your company

No licensing and regulations hassle. Social casinos are legal worldwide.
Effective  marketing solution  for your brand


marketing solution

for your brand

Leverage the power of social gaming to keep players engaged with your brand.

Your Social Casino


RocksPRO provides a full-suite of services designed to lower the cost and time frame of set up and launch of a social gaming product. Using our streamlined solution we create a branded casino tailored to each partner’s needs.

Your Social Casino


Social casino is a powerful marketing tool for building brand awareness and engaging with customers in most entertaining and natural way. By running a branded social casino you connect players to your business through mobile and social play, acquiring new customers and incentivising prior players to return.

In addition, social casino creates a new revenue stream for your business. Unlike real money gaming, social casinos are permitted everywhere in the world, which makes them an ideal option for entering new markets, where paid betting is prohibited.

And when it comes to communication with the new generation of gamers – the millennials – mobile social gaming is the ultimate way to resonate with them by offering fun and engaging free-to-play experiences they are used to.

Who is it for?

  • Land-based and online gaming operators
  • Media and entertainment companies
  • Publishers of mobile and social games
Who is it for?


User acquisition

Leverage the power of social gaming to attract new customers. Cut marketing costs by delivering targeted messages through the gaming experience. Use your players as a marketing tool to draw their online friends to your brand.


  • Introduce new players to your brick-and-mortar casino.
  • Market digital entertainment product within target demogaphics.

Player Retention

When players leave the land-based premises, their gaming experience continues in mobile social casino. Keep players connected to your brand by offering fresh content and real rewards for their loyalty. Re-activate players and make them excited to come back through your doors.


  • Discounts at hotel, free culinary offers or limited time chips bonuses.


A social casino is an enjoyable and attractive experience that gamers want to return to and keep playing for fun. Selling virtual chips to social gamers creates a sustainable revenue stream for an operator. Plus, social casinos are permitted in every territory, without the need to obtain costly licenses to comply with regulations.



Fully customized
social casino app

  • Branding (game logo and icons, splash- and loading screens, unique lobby and UI)
  • Cross-platform (iOS, Android, Windows, Facebook, Web, TV, and more)
  • Variety of top-quality games from our catalogue
  • Exclusive content (bespoke games and unique game mechanics)

Marketing platform

  • Loyalty marketing tools (coupons, discounts, rewards to keep players coming back to RMG casino)
  • Integration with partner's CRM
  • Promotion of events, services and products
  • In-game marketing messages
  • Email and push notifications

Social features

  • Inviting friends
  • Sharing and gifting
  • Leaderboards

Web-based back office

  • Player management
  • Marketing tools
  • Monetization tools
  • Games management
  • Reporting

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